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The Waterbuck

This Waterbuck bull was photographed in the Woodstock botanical area of Kaingo. He is a mature male with a territory of about 89 ha in size. Waterbuck bulls can attain a weight of about 270kg and their horns may measure up to 97cm.

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Paperbark Albizia

It has a checked distribution, mostly forming clumps of trees on mountainous slopes and rocky areas. The latter part of its bi-nominal name refers to the fact that the Northern most distribution is in the mountains near Tanganyika, the modern Tanzania.

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Spitting Cobra

This specimen, a Mozambican Spitting Cobra, caused a bit of a stir itself! Timid by nature, but also inquisitive and not at all reluctant to come into close contact with humans, this snake was found on route into the office building on Kaingo...

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Kaingo Birdlife

Kaingo is blessed with a varied topography including high mountain plains, water soaks, deep, well wooded valleys, and a 13-km river frontage... Did I mention that Kaingo has about 250 recorded and a possible 300+ bird species?

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Mother's Day 2018

Although you may feel undervalued, we are eternally grateful for your devotion to us. We may not always have the words to convey our gratitude to you, but rest assured that you are in our hearts, minds and lives every step of the way.

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Giant Land Snail

Their reproduction habits are fascinating. Like many molluscs, they are hermaphrodites, the sexual organs of both males and females being present. This means that they can self-fertilise, although this does not happen often.

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