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Painted Rocks

The correct term is 'lichen', and it is not just alive with colour, but actually alive. It comprises of a mutual symbiosis of colonies of minute organisms. A mutualistic Symbiosis is a collaboration of two or more organisms for mutual gain.

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Birds of a Feather

When one thinks of a game reserve, one tends to only think of large mammals and beautiful sunsets. This perception usually changes quickly as one’s senses are bombarded by a myriad of twittering calls and splashes of incandescent colours.

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An Education

At Kaingo Game Reserve, we are fortunate to regularly see elephants slowly amble across the abundance of plains scattered all over the reserve. A regular sighting is either that of lone bulls or bulls found in groups of two’s and three’s.

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Drama Etched Into Dust

...From there the scene unfolded by backtracking events; in stealthily imprinted tracks of a stalking predator observing oblivious prey, then patience flashing to the chaotic entropy of the attack and eventual kill.

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